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Terms and conditions

This rental is granted and accepted at the price, charges and special conditions indicated in the Seasonal Rental Agreement, of which the present general conditions constitute an integral part. We thank you for reading them carefully before concluding the contract. All leased property are owned by private individuals. The rental on behalf of these owners is entrusted to CASA SHELTER which acts as Agent. Prior to the conclusion of the Seasonal Rental Agreement, the Customer will find on or directly at his agency CASA SHELTER all the necessary information on the price, the acts and the elements of the stay and in particular the situation of the accommodation, typology, capacities, main characteristics.


The Tenant Signatory of this Contract concluded for a fixed period may not under any circumstances avail himself of any right to be kept in the premises at the end of the stay.


  1. The availability of the rental will be confirmed by CASA SHELTER. The number of persons occupying the accommodation as well as their identity will be specified at the time of booking request. We do not accept reservations for persons under the age of 18.
  2. The Major Tenant must return the Rental Agreement signed within 5 (five) days, accompanied by the identity documents of the occupants as well as a payment of a deposit equal to 50% of the amount of the stay. The signature of the Contract implies the knowledge and acceptance of the general conditions.
  3. For payments, they must always be made by transfer to the bank account indicated, with all the bank fees remaining at the expense of the ordering party. Due to the delays in transmitting a bank order and in order to maintain the booking option until funds are received on the account, the tenant will be asked to send us a copy of the transfer order by e-mail at, of the Rental Agreement signed, as well as the identification parts of the occupants within 5 (five) days. If necessary, the request for withdrawal cannot be taken into account, and the accommodation will again be available for rent.


  1. The Major Tenant must pay the balance and the deposit to the owner 30 (thirty) days before the date of arrival in place. CASA SHELTER and its owners do not accept payment of the balance and deposit on arrival. In case of refusal to pay the balance and the deposit, CASA SHELTER and the owner reserves the right to cancel the entire stay booked, retaining 100% of the sums previously paid. For bookings less than 30 (thirty) days prior to entry into the rental, the total amount of the rental as well as the deposit must be sent at the same time as the signed contract.
  2. The amount of the deposit is calculated according to the type of property and the law in force.
  3. In case of late payment a penalty equal to 3 (three) times the legal interest rate will be payable. A flat-rate recovery fee of €40 (40 euros) may be applied in case of delay.
  4. The deposit will be returned within 5 (five) days following the end of the rental if no damage is found within 24 (twenty four) hours after the departure of the tenants.
  5. Otherwise, the tenant shall pay, in addition to the rental costs, any damage caused to the property, as well as the cost of replacing any lost, destroyed or deteriorated object, and those whose wear and tear would exceed normal for the duration of the rental, the cost of cleaning, duvets made dirty, painted walls, ceilings, windows, curtains, bedding.
  6. The tenant is liable for any damage that he or the accompanying persons may cause intentionally or negligently.


  1. At the initiative of the tenant

Any cancellation must be notified by e-mail to Some bookings from the rental platforms may have different cancellation conditions, please consult your confirmation email when bookings with partners. The date of the email will be as follows: a) Cancellation within more than 30 (thirty) days prior to the planned date of stay: we will reimburse you for all fees paid (excluding application fees).

b) Cancellation within 30 (thirty) to 15 (fifteen) days: 50% refund (excluding platform fees).

c) Cancellation within 15 (fifteen) days and the expected date of arrival: the total amount of the rental remains acquired. No refund will be made

  1. Please note that all reimbursement expenses will be at your expense.
  2. Any interrupted or abbreviated stay, or any unused service, shall not be reimbursed.
  3. All costs previously incurred by the customer, such as visa costs, transport costs, pre and post delivery (purchase of railway, maritime or other air transport tickets), vaccination costs, car rental etc., shall not give rise to any reimbursement or compensation.
  4. It is the sole responsibility of the Customer to verify that the various documents necessary for his trip, the consumption of a service or a boarding (national identity card or passport, driving licence, etc.) are valid.
  5. Failure by the traveller to comply with the administrative and/or health obligations of crossing borders which would result in particular in a denial of boarding or an interruption of the stay or the journey, shall not justify any reimbursement or compensation. If the tenant does not show up within 24 hours of the date of arrival indicated on the contract, this contract becomes void and the owner can dispose of his accommodation if he wishes. All payments, except the deposit, remain with the owner.
  6. In case one or more travellers of a group of people (family trip, trip with friends, company trip, etc.), not able to travel for any reason, the price of the stay cannot be reviewed and will remain unchanged.
  7. Travellers are encouraged to purchase personal travel insurance in the event of unforeseen circumstances, accidents, or other problems that may prevent the traveller(s) from travelling to the rental location and from complying with the terms of this contract.
  8. COVID-19 : Circumstances related to COVID-19 are not covered, it is the sole responsibility of travellers. The risks and consequences of COVID-19 are now known to everyone, and are therefore no longer known: the risks of containment, quarantine, travel restrictions, etc. It is for these reasons that it is the sole responsibility of travellers to take the risk of wanting to travel.

In case of impossibility by (circumstances requiring supporting documents):


In the case of the death of the adult traveller, or one of the travellers scheduled for the stay, the owners, a close relative or a caregiver, one of the tenants must provide one of the following documents:

Death certificate Necrology note Newspaper article with the name of the deceased

b) Official obligations:

Formal obligations such as the duty to serve as a juror, judgments in court. You must provide a copy of the official notice, the date of which must be later than the date of booking, and on which is the name of the person to whom the obligation is to be fulfilled. A statement from a government authority that prohibits or prohibits travellers from travelling to the place of stay (excluding COVID-19).

2. At the initiative of the owner Any cancellation will be notified by e-mail or telephone to the major tenant. a) If this cancellation is due solely to the owner, the owner undertakes to reimburse all costs already paid by the tenant. b) In case of cancellation by impossibility due natural disaster, damage due to bad weather, etc, a total reimbursement of the costs already paid will be made.


A) Arrival

  1. The tenant must present himself on the day specified and the time mentioned on this contract. In case of late or delayed arrival, the tenant must inform CASA SHELTER at +33 6 11 03 69 05 or +351 960 208 841 or by email at
  2. Check-in is from 15:00 and is free of charge from 15:00 to 21:00. CASA SHELTER gives itself the right, according to the time of arrival (morning or late evening) to impose a price of 40€ (forty euros) Out Taxes to be paid on the spot in cash at your arrival.
  3. If necessary, you can leave your luggage at our offices. Please let us know in advance.

B) Departure:

The tenant must also return the accommodation on the day specified and the time mentioned on this contract (between 8:00 and 10:00). For organizational reasons, no overtime will be allowed, except in exceptional cases. In case of need, you can leave your luggage in our offices. Please notify us in advance.


  1. This contract is for a maximum capacity of persons which may not be exceeded, except in the case of children under 2 (two) years of age. You must inform CASA SHELTER of the number of people and their ages when booking. If the number of Tenants exceeds the capacity, the owner can refuse the additional persons.
  2. We can offer you as part of our concierge services: folding cot, car seat, high chair for baby, etc. – Ask CASA SHELTER for further information.


  1. The accommodation is rented furnished and equipped as it is in the attached descriptive state and forms an integral part of this contract.
  2. The Tenant declares to have carried out the examination of the rental, including the furniture, appliances and equipment worn, recognizing that it is in perfect condition of use and undertakes to keep the house in perfect condition during the period of the Rental Agreement. But also to ensure the practical and reasonable use of the resources available for comfort (heating, air conditioning, etc.), appliances and furniture.
  3. All installations are in working order and any claim relating to the condition of the premises and descriptions which occurred more than 24 (twenty-four) hours after the entry into use of the premises may not be admitted.
  4. Repairs made necessary by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental, will be at the expense of the Major Tenant or his family. No replacement, on the initiative of the tenant, of objects other than identical will be accepted.
  5. Within 24 (twenty-four) hours (working days) following the end of the rental, CASA SHELTER will carry out the state of exit and will notify the tenant, if this is the case, by mail and by telephone any finding of degradation.
  6. The Tenant may not object to the visit of the premises, when the owner or his representative makes the request.


  1. This rental is a vacation rental, prescribed by the Law 31/2012 of the new regime for urban leases (NRAU).
  2. Subletting is prohibited.
  3. The Tenant must ensure the peaceful character of the rental and make use of it in accordance with the destination of the premises. For any justified complaint of a third party, it will result in a first reminder, if this continues an immediate eviction of the accommodation and the sum paid for the stay will not be reimbursed.
  4. No party will be tolerated, CASA SHELTER reserves the right to apply an hourly rate of 40€ (forty euros) Out Taxes to the Major Tenant, in case of displacement due to inconveniences (full of neighbors, intervention of law enforcement, etc).
  5. Children are under the sole and complete responsibility of their parents or accompanying persons.
  6. We draw the attention of the Tenants to the automatic closing of the entrance doors and therefore to make sure not to forget the keys inside the house.
  7. Any damage requiring the intervention of a locksmith or CASA SHELTER for the opening of the door will be charged to the tenant, as well as the loss of key or entry badge.
  8. The Tenant is prohibited from making a copy of the keys.


  1. Your rental has kitchen equipment, crockery, furniture and bedding. The quantity of this equipment is related to the number of people provided for in the contract (garden furniture and pool chairs are not necessarily of the same number as the number of people allowed to access the rental). Sheets and household linen (towels, tea towels) are provided. The premises will be handed over to the Tenant in perfect condition of cleanliness and the machines in working condition.
  2. Under no circumstances should the Tenant move the furniture and leave the unit in a correct condition. The exit cleaning is not included in the rental price.
  3. In case of deterioration during the rental period, the Major Tenant is required to inform the CASA SHELTER representative.


Pets or other animals are not allowed in the accommodation (unless permission has been explicitly granted beforehand) for reasons of hygiene and respect for all. In case of non-compliance of this clause by the Tenant, the Owner may refuse the stay. In this case, no refund will be made.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke inside the dwelling, possibility of smoking outside.


The pool can not be emptied without the agreement of the owner and CASA SHELTER, the Tenant must never intervene personally in the machinery of the pool, automatic salt treatment, and regulation of Ph or other. It is up to the major tenant to take all the necessary precautions for the use of the pool, especially if he stays with young children, which he must supervise. The major tenant fully acknowledges the responsibility of the owner in the event of an accident occurring to himself, his family or his guests. In case of disagreement with this clause, the owner asks you not to rent this house.


The tenant is liable for all damages arising out of it. The tenant is required to be insured by an appropriate insurance contract.


For any claim which must be submitted to CASA SHELTER by phone at +351 960 208 841 or +33 6 11 93 69 05 or by e-mail at before entering the premises or 24h after arrival of the tenants. Any claim related to the air part (cancellation, delay, damaged baggage or lost during transport) must be declared to the company or its representative. CASA SHELTER does not in any way deal with the air transport part.